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MRK Basic: Motor Robot Parts Kit (Does Not Include Microcontroller)

MRK Basic: Motor Robot Parts Kit (Does Not Include Microcontroller)


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The Digilent Motor Robot Kit (MRK) provides the perfect starting point for those new to robotics, but has the power to be used for advanced designs and applications as well. The MRK includes a rugged steel platform and all the motors, wheels, and other parts needed to build a robot. Add some of our extensive line of peripheral modules (Pmods) and you can design almost anything!


  • Includes components needed to build a robot (DOES NOT INCLUDE MICROCONTROLLER)
  • Driven by two 1:19 ratio motor/gearboxes
  • Rugged metal platform & motor mount with holes on 1/2" centers
  • Rugged plastic wheels and drag button

Support Materials:

Datasheet (PDF)

Demo Project (ZIP)

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