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OAK-SoM-IoT (5 pcs)

OAK-SoM-IoT (5 pcs)


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Overview :

OAK-SoM-IoT is an embedded variant of OAK-SoM that includes a 128MB NOR flash, and boot-switch capabilities such that it can be booted over USB (for use with our Python API) or set to boot out of NOR-flash, for communication with microcontrollers over SPI.

The key difference between OAK-SoM-IoT and the standard OAK-SoM is that the latter requires a host processor, running Linux, Mac, or Windows to operate, whereas this module can boot out of NOR flash - allowing SPI communication with microcontrollers which may be running no operating system at all (bare metal C or C++ code).

This module is included pre-mounted on the OAK-D-IOT-40, which is our embedded DepthAI reference design.

• All connectivity through single 100-pin connector (DF40C-100DP-0.4V(51))

  • 2x 2-lane MIPI Camera Interface
  • 1x 4-lane MIPI Camera Interface
  • Quad SPI with 2 dedicated chip-selects
  • I²C
  • UART
  • USB2
  • USB3
  • Several GPIO (1.8 V and 3.3 V)
  • Supports off-board eMMC or SD Card
  • On-board NOR boot Flash (optional)
  • On-board EEPROM (optional)
  • All power regulation, clock generation, etc. on module

Important Note: This embedded variant is in initial integration testing: The SPI interface support, although initially available, is in initial testing and is not feature-complete. Some initial/proof-of-concept example code for interfacing the OAK-SoM-IoT with the ESP32.

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