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BT-410 Set

BT-410 Set


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BT-410 is a device that enables serial communication (UART) via Bluetooth communication.

BT-410 covers the circuit with a case to protect it, and it uses a connector-type cable to install on a robot and RC-100B.

You can control your robot without any problems even when the infrared control condition is not optimal such as in a robot competition.

The SLAVE module can be used when controlling the robot from a smart device that supports BLE (Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy) communication.

How to pair

The blue LED on the MT-410 MASTER blinks when it is not paired up.

Simply place the BT-410 SLAVE module close by the MASTER to automatically pair up (within 10cm).

Once it is paired up, it is able to communication from distance further away. 

Auto-pairing available for the new version BT-410. (Refer to the image below under Difference.)

  BT-210 BT-410
Android O O
PC O O (need Dongle)
1 Master : 1 Slave O O
1 Master : N Slave X X
1 Phone : 1 Slave O O
1 Master : N slave X support later
Master / Slave O X
Data transfer reliability High High
Max throughput 250kbps 128kbps
Module FW update X X
Default MAC address B863BC xxxxxx DBE7DF xxxxxx
MAC address range 6 byte 6 byte

Package Components

BT-410 BT-410 (120mm cable included)

H/W Specifications

Weight 4.5g
Size 18mm x 30mm x 9.1mm
Bluetooth Specifications Bluetooth Specification 4.0 Low Energy Support
Effective Communication Range 10m
Bandwidth Frequency 2.4 GHzISM Band
Bandwidth MAX 128kbps
Default Baud Rate 57600bps
Operating Voltage


Consumed Current 7mA (Max)
Operating Temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃
Baud Rate Range 1,200bps ~ 1.000,000bps
Antenna Chip Antenna
Interface UART (3.3V Level)
Sensitivity -81dBm (Typical)
Conducted Net Power -6 ~ 4dBm(Class 2)
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