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DYNAMIXEL PRO M54-40-S250-R Robot Actuator

DYNAMIXEL PRO M54-40-S250-R Robot Actuator


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The DYNAMIXEL PRO line of Robot Actuators is ROBOTIS's new solution for full-scale robots. These new actuators have incredibly high power and precision, making them ideal for for everything from advanced robotics to industry applications. Using ROBOTIS's frame system for the DYNAMIXEL PRO, you'll be able to rapidly create a variety of different systems and robots. These new servos have position, speed, AND torque based commands.

The M54-40-S250-R uses a RS-485 communication protocol, a 250:1 gear ratio, a straight type gear reduction system, and has 40W output. Variant options will be available in the future.

Package Contents

  • 1 x M54-40-S250-R
  • 2 x 4P Cable 600mm
  • 1 x 2P External Power Connector 600mm
  • 20 x M3-8mm SHCS (Hex Wrench Bolt)


Like other DYNAMIXEL Robot Actuators, DYNAMIXEL PRO Robot Actuators are network driven, which means they can each be addressed with a unique ID. This ID can be set dynamically, making it easy for users to configure their actuators for their specific robot. The communication ports on the DYNAMIXEL PROs can be daisy-chained from one servo to the next, and hubs can be used to chain servos outward from a central location.

In addition to easy configuration and wiring, the networked nature of the DYNAMIXEL PROs makes it easy to send commands to the actuators, whether you want to set a positional command, a speed goal, compliance slopes, or a variety of other parameters. Users can also receive feedback from the unit, including present position, temperature, voltage, current goal position/speed/torque values and more. Users can even set the intensity values on the built in RGB LEDs to create an array of different colors for debugging purposes.

Each DYNAMIXEL PRO has a built in microcontroller that handles all of the communication and calculations needed to make the servo work as efficiently as possible. Because the microcontroller handles all of these calculations, your main controller is free to handle other processes, and only needs to send the servos positional, speed, or torque commands. The microcontroller can also monitor the motor and shut it down if certain parameters are exceeded (too high temperature, too high/low voltage, too much torque, etc).

The modular design of the DYNAMIXEL PRO Robot Actuators makes them very easy to work with. These actuators are great for integrating into other robot projects, or for creating new robots from the ground up. A variety of frame pieces makes it even easier to create joints and connect servos together.

The USB2DYNAMIXEL will allow you to control DYNAMIXEL PROs via the DYNAMIXEL SDK 2.0 for DYNAMIXEL PRO(Windows/Linux). You can also use the DYNAMIXEL Wizard to test and configure your DYNAMIXEL PRO servos.

DYNAMIXEL PRO robot Actuators are the servos behind the highly successful THOR-MANG robot, a competitor in the DARPA Robotics Challenge. This humanoid robot leverages the power and precision of the DYNAMIXEL PRO Robot Actuators to produce some amazing results!


  • Electrical current sensing based control
  • Internal temperature sensing
  • Position-based command
  • Torque-based command
  • Speed-based command
  • Straight Cycloid type detachable reduction gear various options will be available in the future (Straight, Right Angle, Belt)
  • RS-485 communication layer - various communication options will be available in the future (RS-485, CAN, TTL, Ethercat)
  • Various optional frames


  • DYNAMIXEL Pro is an integrated actuator composedof a gear reduction system, controller,driver, and network for constructingmodular robots.  
  • A detachable cycloidal gear reduction box. 
  • Position, speed, and current control using an algorithm. 
  • Torque control using current sensor. 
  • PID control is used to sense position. 
  • Resolution: Max 251,400 (steps/1 full rotation) 









4P Cable 600MM


2P External Power Connector 600MM



Wrench Bolt (WB M3*8)



Model Name






Rated voltage

24 V

No load speed

28.4 RPM

No load current

1.32 A

Continuous operation


23.8 RPM


6.7 Nm


2.2 A


251,400 Step/turn

Gear ratio



3.8 arcmin



Operating temperature


Default Settings

  • ID: 1
  • ?Baud Rate: 1 (57600bps)  ?(Please make necessary modifications, such as the ID, baud rate, etc…, after the purchase.) 

Compatible Products

  •  Interface: USB2Dynamixel (RS-485)  
  • Frames: FRP54-H110K, FRP54-H120K, FRP54-A110K, FRP54-I110K


  • ?M54-40-S250-R supports RS-485 communication. 
  • M54-40-S250-R has a Straight type reduction gear system.
  • Caution: The operational voltage is different from other DYNAMIXEL series  (Operational voltage: 24V) 

Control Environment 

  •    DXL SDK 2.0 for Windows

  •    DXL SDK 2.0 for Linux

Download dimensions  

 ?Link to e-Manual 

Click! Dynamixel Pro and Frame Compatibility Table


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