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Phidgets pH/ORP Adapter

Phidgets pH/ORP Adapter


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The pH/ORP Adapter connects any of our pH or ORP probes to an Analog Input or VINT Hub port.

The pH/ORP Adapter Interfaces to a pH or ORP glass electrode through a BNC connector and feeds the data to an Analog Input on a PhidgetInterface board.

With the pH/ORP Adapter you can:

  • Measure pH
  • Record Oxidation - Reduction Potential (ORP)
  • Monitor ion and gas concentrations

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Controlled By Voltage Input (0-5V)
Sensor Output Type Non-Ratiometric
pH Specifications
pH Input Range ± 400 mV DC
pH Resolution 0.018
pH Error Max ± 0.09
ORP Specifications
ORP Input Range ± 2 V DC
ORP Resolution 5 mV DC
ORP Error Max ± 8 mV DC
Current Consumption Max 3 mA
Input Impedance 1 TΩ
Supply Voltage Min 4.5 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 5.3 V DC
Connector Thread Size ½-28UNEF-2A
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