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UNI-DS6 board is a full-featured universal development environment for 7 different microcontroller achitectures. This universal development station is equipped with many on-board modules which give you great power and flexibility when creating or testing your prototype.


Supported MCUs

UNI-DS6 supports 8 different mikroBoards for various MCU arhitectures. All mikroBoards have integrated programmers, power regulators and reset circuits, as well as prototyping sections. They are compact, carefully designed, and firmly fit into the double row connectors. Each mikroBoard can be used as a standalone development platform that can be easily integrated in your final product.


EEPROM, Piezo buzzer

Board has a great set of on-board modules: Serial EEPROM, Buzzer, MMC/SD slot, ADC, and much more.


Graphic LCD 128x64 and LCD 2x16 can be easily connected via the on-board connectors. Board also features a Touch Screen controller.

PORTs, buttons and LEDs

72 push buttons and 72 LEDs are connected to all microcontrollers pins. LCD and GLCD potentiometers for adjusting the contrast of your graphical LCD, so that pixels have a good visibility. Inputs can be configured via jumpers.

Communication and Interfaces

USB UART1 and UART2 module features the fast FTDI chip for communication between a USB device and the microcontroller. USB 2.0 communication connectors are available for microcontrollers with USB facilities.

Package Contains

  • Damage resistant protective box

  • UNI-DS6 development system in antistatic bag
  • Documentation


Applications Developing and testing firmware, creating prototypes, learning embedded programming
Displays Supports GLCD 128x64 and LCD 2x16.
Touch Screen Resistive
Architecture PIC (8-bit),8051 (8-bit),ARM (32-bit),AVR (8-bit),dsPIC/PIC24 (16-bit),PSoC (8-bit)
MCU mikroBoard socket
On-board modules Touch panel controller, 72 on-board LEDs, 72 push buttons, ADC
Programming Programmer is featured on each mikroBoard
Storage Serial EEPROM, MMC/SD card slot
Sound and Audio Piezo buzzer
Expandability 1 x mikroBoard socket, 1 x IDC10 headers for each PORT
Integration Mounting holes
Input Voltage 5V (via USB) or 9-32V AC, 7-23V DC (via adapter)

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