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IR Range Sensor

IR Range Sensor


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The IR Range Sensor is a great way to add range detection to robotic projects that use Cerebot™ boards. The sensor detects reflective objects 10 to 80 cm away.

The sensor connects to the ADC found on all Cerebot boards. The cable maps the output pins to a 3-pin connector. The yellow wire is for the analog output signal. The pin should be connected to the analog-to-digital converter (ADC) on your microcontroller. The red wire is the Vcc power supply to the sensor and is diode-protected against reverse polarization. The black wire should be connected to the ground of the ADC.


The Cerebot MX-series boards require a PmodCON3 to access the Futaba-style connectors on the analog ports. The PmodCON3 exposes four ADC analog channels to the connectors. The PmodCON3 can be used on any Pmod header with ADC analog pins.


  • Measuring range: 10-80 cm

  • Current consumption: 30mA typical

  • Includes 10" 3-wire cable

  • Supply voltage: 4.5 - 5.5 V

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