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mikromedia 5 for Tiva

mikromedia 5 for Tiva


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mikromedia 5 for Tiva

Start building your applications with intuitive, user-friendly menus and dashboards using powerful TI Tiva ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller. This board provides a compact high-quality multimedia development platform for TM4C129xNCZAD device.


Powerful Workhorse

Mighty TM4C129xNCZAD rocks: 120 MHz operation, 1 MB of Flash, 256 KB of SRAM, µDMA controller, on-chip LCD controller and a lot more.

5” Touch Screen

The Huge touchscreen in 800x480px resolution brings awesome graphics and vivid colors. You’ve never seen such a big display driven just by a microcontroller.

CC3100 WiFi module

Internet of things - check! Insanely popular CC3100 WiFi module is right here for you. It features easy to use SimpleLink IPv4 TCP/IP stack.

Debugger on board

For the first time, we’re embedding programmer and debugger on mikromedia board. Just plug in the USB cable and there you go!


The board features mikroProg for Tiva™ programmer and debugger. All you need to do is plug the USB cable into ICDI connector and use mikroProg Suite for ARM or other programming software to upload new device firmware.


mikromedia 5 for Tiva is fully supported by mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers for ARM. Compilers come with dozens of examples that demonstrate every feature of the board.

GUI design with Visual TFT

Easily create fantastic colorful graphical user interfaces (GUI) for mikromedia in Visual TFT software. Even total beginners will be able to create amazing applications.

Package Contains

  • Damage resistant protective box
  • mikromedia 5 for Tiva™ board
  • USB cable, Ethernet cable and two 1x26 headers
  • Plastic Pen, microSD card 2GB and 4 distances
  • Documentation

Special discount on the Shield

Use this amazing opportunity and get the Shield for the mikromedia 5 for Tiva 50% OFF. Expand the functionality of your mikromedia with four mikroBUS™ sockets.

We have more than 300 click boards™ in the shop, from wireless transceivers and sensors to motor control click boards™ and displays.

Note: you need to add both the mikromedia and the Shield to the cart in order for the discount to apply.


Applications Best used as a development board but also as a final product. Use cases include industrial, medical, automotive and other dashboards and equipment.
Displays TFT full-color
Display size 5"
Resolution 800x480px
Graphic controller Embedded inside MCU
Touch Screen Resistive
Architecture ARM (32-bit)
MCU speed 150 DMIPS, 120 MHz, 1.25 DMIPS/MHz
MCU Memory 1024 KB of Flash, 256 KB SRAM
Programming mikroprog for TIVA programmer and debugger
Key Benefits We’re embedding programmer and debugger on mikromedia board. Just plug in the USB cable and there you go!
Wireless connectivity Nordic nRF24L01+ transceiver,
Storage 8MB SDRAM, microSD card slot
Sound and Audio VS1053 stereo audio codec
Peripherals include USB OTG connector, Temp. sensor, RTC battery, PIN photosensor, Accelerometer, Battery Charger
Expandability Two 1x26 headers, mikromedia standard pinout
Integration Mounting holes
Input Voltage 5V (Via USB) or 5-12V DC (via external adapter)

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