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Pioneer600 - Raspberry PI Expansion Board

Pioneer600 - Raspberry PI Expansion Board


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  • Supports Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2B
  • dual LED, joystick, buzzer, the basic components
  • CP2102, control the Pi through serial terminal
  • 0.96inch OLED, big world in the little screen
  • DS3231, high precision, backup battery holder is also available
  • PCF8591, 8-bit resolution, screw terminal IO interface
  • PCF8574, more GPIO, more possibility
  • LFN0038K, Raspberry Pi remote control comes true
  • BMP180, measuring air pressure and temperature
  • <1-WIRE> for connecting 1-WIRE devices, DS18B20 is included
  • for connecting various sensors

What's on Board

Raspberry Pi Expansion Board on board resource

  1. Raspberry Pi GPIO interface : for connecting Raspberry Pi
  2. USB TO UART : control the Pi through serial terminal
  3. AD/DA IO interface : screw terminal
  4. 1-WIRE interface : for connecting 1-WIRE devices like DS18B20
  5. Sensor interface : for connecting various sensors
  6. 0.96inch OLED : SSD1306 driver, 128×64 resolution, SPI interface
  7. Buzzer
  8. CP2102 : USB TO UART converter
  9. PCF8591 : 8-bit AD/DA converter, I2C interface
  10. BMP180 : pressure sensor, I2C interface
  11. PCF8574 : I/O expansion chip, I2C interface
  12. DS3231 : high precision RTC chip, I2C interface
  13. Power indicator
  14. User LED
  15. Joystick
  16. LFN0038K IR receiver


  1. Pioneer600 x 1
  2. DS18B20 ×1
  3. USB Type A Plug to Micro B Plug Cable x 1
  4. RPi screws pack (2pcs) x 1

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