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Pmod CLS: Character LCD with Serial Interface

Pmod CLS: Character LCD with Serial Interface


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The Pmod CLS is a character LCD module driven by the Atmel ATmega48 microcontroller. With a display size of 16x2 characters, users may display any information on the screen by communicating via SPI, I2C, or UART.


There are two UART signal pin assignment conventions in use on Digilent products. This product uses the old signal assignment convention. Connecting a product using the old convention with one using the new convention requires the use of a UART Crossover Cable (not included). Click here for a more detailed explanation.


  • 16×2 liquid crystal character display

  • Wide range of instruction functions

  • Up to 32 user definable characters

  • Multiple communication options including UART, SPI, and I²C

  • Small PCB size for flexible designs at 1.8“ × 3.8” (4.6 cm × 9.7 cm)

  • Two 1×6-pin Pmod connectors with SPI and UART interfaces

  • Library and example code available in resource center

What's Included:

  • Pmod CLS

  • Custom antistatic Pmod packaging

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