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SmartGLCD 240x128 Board

SmartGLCD 240x128 Board


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SmartGLCD 240x128

SmartGLCD 240x128 Board is a full-featured tool for easy development of embedded graphical applications using PIC18F87K22 device.


RGB backlight

Large 240x128 GLCD Display with Touch Screen is equipped with RGB backlight. It’s a whole new dimension.

All in one PCB

We have managed to squeeze everything you need onto a single PCB barely bigger then the size of the display.

Comes with Bootloader

Having fast UART bootloader, this board is ready to rock right out of the box. No need for external programmers.

Enough storage

You can save pictures, sounds and other media files on microSD memory card and use it in your application.


On-board microcontroller is preprogrammed with fast USB UART bootloader, so it’s ready to work right out of the box. You don’t have to spend a dollar more on programmers. If you need a powerful debugger use mikroProg for PIC.


SmartGLCD is fully supported by mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal compilers for PIC. Examples written in each compiler demostrate every feature of the board.

GUI design with Visual TFT

Easily create fantastic graphical user interfaces (GUI) for SmartGLCD in Visual GLCD software. Even beginners will be able to create amazing applications.

Package Contains

  • Damage resistant protective box
  • SmartGLCD 240x128 in antistatic bag
  • USB cable
  • Documentation

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