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OAK-D-IoT-40 (16MB NOR Flash)

OAK-D-IoT-40 (16MB NOR Flash)


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The OAK-D-IoT-40 baseboard has three on-board cameras which implement stereo and RGB vision, piped directly into the OAK-SoM-IoT for depth and AI processing. The data can be then output to a host via USB 3.1 Gen1 (Type-C) or via ESP32 WiFi interface. If you are new to OAK IOT devices, you can check Getting started with OAK IoT devices tutorial.

This design is one of two baseboards for the OAK-SoM-IoT, the other one being OAK-D-IOT-75. The only differnece is the the stereo baseline distance and the shape/size of the OAK camera.

About the OAK-SOM-IoT in this OAK-D model

This OAK-SOM-IoT system on module is what powers this OAK-D model. This modular design allows you to leverage our open-source designs to embed the power of OAK-D into your own products and/or customize the OAK-D-IoT to your exact needs.

• All connectivity of the OAK-SOM-IoT is through a single 100-pin connector (DF40C-100DP-0.4V(51))

  • 2x 2-lane MIPI Camera Interface
  • 1x 4-lane MIPI Camera Interface
  • Quad SPI with 2 dedicated chip-selects
  • I²C
  • UART
  • USB2
  • USB3
  • Several GPIO (1.8 V and 3.3 V)
  • On-board NOR boot Flash (optional)
  • On-board EEPROM (optional)
  • All power regulation, clock generation, etc. on the module
  • Dimension: 60x45x25 mm
  • Weight : 45.5g

Hardware specifications :

This OAK camera uses USB-C cable for communication and power. It supports both USB2 and USB3 (5Gbps / 10Gbps).

Sensor specifications

Camera Specs

Color camera

Stereo pair





81° / 69° / 55°

82° / 72° / 50°


12MP (4032x3040)

1MP (1280x800)


Auto-Focus: 8cm - ∞

Fixed-Focus: 19.6cm - ∞

Max Framerate

60 FPS

120 FPS




Lens size

1/2.3 inch

1/4 inch

Pixel size

1.55µm x 1.55µm

3µm x 3µm

Myriad X inside

This OAK device has on-board Myriad X VPU

Dimensions and Weight

  • Width: 60 mm

  • Height: 45 mm

  • Length: 25 mm (including the SoM)

  • Weight: 45.5g (total), 20g (PCBA), 25.5g (SoM with heatsink)

Depth perception

This OAK camera has a baseline of 4.0cm - the distance between left and right stereo camera. Minimal and maximal depth perception depends on camera FOV, resolution, and baseline.

  • Min perceivable distance: ~20cm (400P OR 800P, extended), ~37cm (800P)

  • Max perceivable distance: ~21 meters

Extended means that StereoDepth node has Extended disparity mode enabled.

Getting started :

The OAK-D-IoT-40 accepts power input from 5V barrel jack and it can also accept power from USB C connector. Booting can be accomplished from either the ESP32 or NOR flash on the BW1099EMB, boot selection is configured on BW1099EMB with BOOT resistors.

  • The reset button resets the OAK-SoM-IoT only.

  • The 5V LED indicates 5V power is present on the DM1092.

  • The PG LED indicates “power good” from the OAK-SoM-IoT.

  • The “RUN” LED indicates that the OAK-SoM-IoT is not reset.

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