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DMM Shield: 7-Function Digital Multimeter Shield

DMM Shield: 7-Function Digital Multimeter Shield


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The DMM Shield brings the functionality of a digital multimeter to a convenient shield form factor. Complete with FPGA and microcontroller libraries, the DMM shield can be integrated into designs and communicates via a custom SPI protocol. It is a 5 1/2 digit digital multimeter, with hardware designed for use with Digilent's line of microcontroller boards such as Uno32™, uC32™, WF32™, or Max32™ and FPGA boards that are equipped with the Arduino shield header such as Arty A7, Arty Z7-10, Arty Z7-20 or Arty S7. The libraries and out of box material are written for the Uno32™, uC32™, WF32™, Max32™, and Arty Z7-20 (see Compatible Boards). The shield is built around the HY3131 module from Hycon Technology, which is an analog front end DMM dedicated chip. The device has 7 measurement functions and is factory calibrated. It can be used out of the box with the compatible system boards line.

The data from the DMM Shield is accessed through a custom SPI interface, using digital IO pins exposed on the DMM Shield connector.


  • Full compatibility with all Digilent system boards featuring the Arduino Shield Header

  • Provides 4 banana connectors for measurements (Volts/Resistances, COM, milliamps, Amps).

  • Floating COM

  • AC/DC voltage and current measurements

  • Diode, continuity measurement/function

  • Resistance measurement

  • Supports SPI connection

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