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micro:Maqueen Plus with HUSKYLENS and micro:bit V2

micro:Maqueen Plus with HUSKYLENS and micro:bit V2


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micro: Maqueen Plus is an advanced version of micro:Maqueen Lite (4.0), which is more powerful and intelligent. Optimized with better power management and larger capacity power supply, it can be perfectly compatible with HuskyLens AI Vision Sensor, which makes it an accessible AI robot teaching tool. In addition, micro:Maqueen Plus comes with a larger and more stable chassis, more built-in functions and more expansion ports, it is not only suitable for classroom teaching, but also can be suitable for after-school extended exercises and robot competitions.

(Note: This product include micro: Maqueen Plus,Gravity: HUSKYLENS, micro:bit board V2, batteries is not included.)

Maqueen, K12 STEM Edu robot, micro: bit  Maqueen, K12 STEM Edu robot, micro: bit Maqueen, K12 STEM Edu robot, micro: bit Maqueen, K12 STEM Edu robot, micro: bit

What is micro: Maqueen Series?

micro: Maqueen launched by DFRobot is a series of educational robot products for primary and secondary school programming. It includes a cost-effective “Lite”version, a powerful “Plus” version, and rich peripherals such as “Mechanic”. You can choose different versions and peripherals based on your needs.

Maqueen, K12 STEM Edu robot, micro: bit

Selection Guide for micro:Maqueen series

Name micro: Maqueen Lite micro: Maqueen Plus
Power supply

3 AAA Batteries or CR123A Lithium battery


18650 Li-ion battery


Charging circuit ×
Power display ×
Encoder and PID control ×
Support for installing Huskylens AI camera ×
Support for line-tracking sensor calibration
Support for analog reading of line-tracking sensor ×
Number of line-tracking sensor 2 6
Number of IO expansion port 4 12
Number of servo port 2 3
Number of mechanic expansion thread 2 16
Motor rated rotation speed 133 rpm 260 rpm
LED color Red LED Large size RGB LED with 7 colors
Ultrasonic Model H-SR04 DFRobot high-quality URM10 ultrasonic sensor
Continuous usage time with Huskylens 30min 180min
Standard continuous usage time 8h 24h
Come with line-tracking map ×
Onboard IR receiver and buzzer
Onboard WS2812 RGB LED ×
Application Scenario Entry level classroom teaching Intermediate level teaching, after school workshop, robot competition

What makes micro:Maqueen Plus so powerful?

High Capacity Lithium Battery

  • Powered by18650 high capacity lithium battery. 
  • Onboard charging circuit and battery indicator.

High Capacity Lithium Battery

Competition-level Sensors

  • 6 line tracking sensors to allow complex routine programs and complicated maze algorithms. 
  • Supports analog readings and sensor calibrations with only one key.
  • Competition-level Sensors

Rich Extension Interfaces

  • 9 GPIO expansion ports, 3 I2C extension ports, 3 servo expansion ports.        
  • 12 M3 threaded connections. 
  •  Fully compatible with micro: Maqueen Mechanic and HuskyLens AI vision sensor.

Rich Extension Interfaces

High Speed Metal Motor

• 260 RPM high speed metal motor; higher travel speed and well suitable for robot competitions.

High Speed Metal Motor

Motor with Encoder and PID Control

  • 2 encoders to read real-time speed and direction, thus multiple cars running in the same map can be smoother.
  • PID control for a stronger moment force in low speed.
  • Motor with Encoder and PID Control

Abundant Configurations

  • 2 large-size RGB LEDs, supports 6 colors displaying.       
  • Onboard infrared receiving sensor and buzzer. 
  • Free high-quality ultrasonic sensor, which performs better than SR04 version.
  • One free line-tracking map for user-friendly experience.
  • Abundant Configurations

Large and Stable

A larger size and more stable chassis than micro: Maqueen Lite, which is available for combining with more accessories.

Large and Stable     


  • Power Supply: 3.7V-18650 lithium battery
  • Charging Voltage: 5V
  • Charging Current: 900mACharging Time: 4h
  • Battery Indicator: 4 LEDs
  • Drive Motor: N20 motor 260 rpm
  • Buzzer * 1
  • RGB-LED * 2
  • GPIO Expansion Ports:P0 P1 P2 P8 P12 P13 P14 P15 P16
  • I2C Expansion Ports * 3
  • Servo Expansion Ports *3
  • Line Tracking Sensors *6
  • Line Tracking Sensor Output Data: analog + digital
  • Line Sensor Calibration: support
  • Infrared Receiving Sensor *1
  • Ultrasonic Sensor: URM10
  • Top Metal Plate * 1
  • M3 threaded connections *12
  • Map Size: 50cm*50cm
  • Dimension: 107x100mm/4.21 x3.94”


  • Maqueen Plus *1 
  • Gravity: HUSKYLENS - An Easy-to-use AI Machine Vision Sensor*1
  • micro:bit Board V2 *1
  • Flat Noodle Micro USB Cable 1.2m *1
  • Ultrasonic Sensor *1 
  • Top Metal Plate * 1 
  • Wheel *2 
  • Copper Pillar *3 
  • Instructions *1 
  • Line-tracking Map *1
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