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Skin FP04-F56/F57/F58/F59 Set

Skin FP04-F56/F57/F58/F59 Set


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  • Exclusive skin for ROBOTIS Premium.
  • Can be affixed tightly using bolts.
  • Can be painted on to create the users own design.
  • DMS sensor can be attached to body, and the ZIG-110 to head.

Package Components

  • Skin FP04-F56/F57 (F56/F57 Head skin) : 1 set  
  • Skin FP04-F58/F59 (F58/F59 Chest skin) : 1 set  
  • N1 nut (NUT M2): 10 pcs  
  • S1 bolt (PHS M2*6): 10 pcs  
  • S3 bolt (PHS M2*10): 5 pcs  
  • S12 bolt (PHS M2*6 TAP K): 5 pcs  
  • S13 bolt (PHS M2*8 TAP K): 10 pcs  
  • S14 bolt (PHS M2.6*8 TAP K): 5 pcs  
  • S15 bolt (PHS M3*8 TAP K): 5 pcs

Compatible Products

Compatible for ROBOTIS PREMIUM humanoids Type A, B, and C.

Does not assemble onto other robots. 


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