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  • CM-150 controller is used with ROBOTIS DREAM.
  • Various DREAM parts (geared motor, servo motor, touch sensor, LED module, IR sensor, etc.) can be connected to CM-150.
  • RoboPlus Manager (Version or higher) can be used for firmware recovery.
  • RoboPlus Task (Version or higher) can be used to write task code that is downloaded onto CM-150.
  • A mini USB cable or an LN-101 can be used to connect CM-150 with a PC to download programs.
  • The m.Task app for mobile devices can be used to download programs using a wireless module.
  • BT-210 / BT-110A / ZIG-110A wireless modules can be connected to CM-150 for wireless downloading.
  • CM-150 controller does NOT support RoboPlus Motion.
Package Components



*Download Cable is not included.

H/W Specifications



ARM Cortex STM32L151C8


Voltage Supply


Range : 3.2V ~ 4.2V


Recommended : 3.7V (Li-ion Battery x 1)


Current Consumption


Standby : 50mA


Running : 70mA


Max : 300mA


Operation Temperature




Internal I/O components


IR sensor (measure distance) x 3


Mic (Sound sensor) x 1


Buzzer x 1


External I/O components


4-pin comunication (wireless control & download) x 1


Micro USB port (connect to PC) x 1


Motor port (for reduction motor) x 2


Multi-usage port(sensor and outputs) x 2


Compatible Products

Sensor : IR Sensor, Touch Sensor, Color Sensor, Magnetic Sensor

Wireless Communication : IR Receiver, ZIG-110A, BT-110A, BT-210

Etc. : Servo Motor, Geared Motor, LED Module


The CM-150 can NOT replace the CM-100A. 

Embedded programs are not provided, and does not support other software other than RoboPlus. 


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