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Geared Motor GM-10A

Geared Motor GM-10A


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  • This motor is used with the controller in the ROBOTIS DREAM can be controlled by controlling the port.
  • By controlling the direction and speed of the rotation, this motor can be used to turn the wheels of a robotic car.

Package Components

Geared Motor (Detachable Cable) 1

H/W Specifications

Dimension 18mm x 36mm x 24mm
Gear Ratio 70 : 1
Speed 125RPM (at 1.5V) . 250RPM (at 3V)

Outputs both axis 

Safety Device : Clutch Assembled

Compatible Products

Controller : CM-100A, CM-150, CM-200, OpenCM7.0

Power : Battery Box, Switch

DREAM Kits 1~5 Levels, SMART kits 1~2 Levels


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