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Scooter/Skate Wheel 84×24mm - Black

Scooter/Skate Wheel 84×24mm - Black


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This black polyurethane scooter/skate wheel measures 84 mm in diameter and 24 mm in width and works with standard 608 bearings as well as our Aluminum Scooter Wheel Adapters, which allow these wheels to be used with an assortment of motors.

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This is a black polyurethane scooter/skate wheel that measures 84 mm in diameter and 24 mm in width.


These scooter wheels (also called inline skate wheels) are designed to work with standard 608 bearings and are compatible with our Aluminum Scooter Wheel Adapters. The adapters make it easy to connect these wheels directly to an assortment of motors for use in robot drive systems. The picture below shows an example of the 70 mm scooter/skate wheel mounted to a 25D gearmotor using a 4 mm scooter wheel adapter:

The tire portion of the wheel is made from polyurethane, which offers plenty of traction, and the rim of the wheel that contacts the ground is narrow to allow it to easily turn in place. These make great wheels for medium-sized robots.


Outer diameter: 84 mm
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