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Elenco AK-100 Learn to Solder Kit

Elenco AK-100 Learn to Solder Kit


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If you’ve never soldered before but want to explore the world of robotics and electronics, this kit is for you! A soldering iron, solder, and diagonal cutters are included in this very complete kit. The flashingLEDs and a siren will let you know when you’ve built your circuit correctly. A 9V battery is required but not included.

The kit includes instructions (543k pdf) that provide information about soldering and describe the operation of the circuit. However, this kit will not teach you electronics. This kit is thus a good supplement to non-soldering electronics project kits, such as the Snap Circuits series.

Note: The Elenco Learn to Solder Kit is a kit; assembly is required. This kit requires soldering. A 9V battery is required but not included.

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