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Screw Terminal Block: 3-Pin, 3.5 mm Pitch, Top Entry (4-Pack)

Screw Terminal Block: 3-Pin, 3.5 mm Pitch, Top Entry (4-Pack)


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These terminal blocks have terminals that hold and release wires through the simple adjustment of a screw, allowing you to easily make temporary connections to a PCB. The 2-pin and 3-pin units each feature a ridge on one side and a slot on the other, which lets them slide and lock together to form arbitrarily long strips with a pitch of 3.5 mm or 5 mm. Each terminal block is available in two orientations: side-entry and top-entry.

The following short video gives a quick overview of how to install these terminal blocks onto our boards:

Details for item #2447

This product is a four-pack of 3.5mm-pitch, three-pin, top-entry terminal blocks. The more general dimension diagram for an XX-pin version of this screw terminal block is shown below.

Screw terminal block: 3.5 mm pitch, top entry.

  • Voltage rating (UL/IEC): 125/130 V
  • Current rating (UL/IEC): 10/10 A
  • Contact resistance: 20 mΩ
  • Wire gauge: 24-18 AWG
  • Wire strip length: 5 mm

Other terminal block options

We carry several different sizes and styles of terminal blocks in addition to these stackable screw terminal blocks; the picture below shows a side-by-side comparison:

Side-by-side comparison of our different terminal blocks with a 0.1″ male header strip for size reference. From left to right: 0.1″ screwless, 0.1″ screw, 3.5 mm screw, and 5 mm screw.


Pins: 3
Spacing: 3.5 mm

General specifications

Wire gauge: 24-18 AWG
Current rating: 10 A1
Voltage rating: 125 V1
Contact resistance: 20 mΩ
Wire strip length: 5 mm
Terminal type: screw
Orientation: top entry


  1. UL rating
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