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Snap Circuits Pro 500-in-1 SC-500

Snap Circuits Pro 500-in-1 SC-500


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Snap Circuits 500-in-1 includes over 65 plastic parts and over 500 sample projects. The snap-together electronic blocks are mounted on plastic pieces that can be used again and again to form many exciting and educational circuits.

Winner of the Dr. Toy 100 Best Children’s Products award, the Snap Circuits educational kits by Elenco are a great way to learn about electronic circuits. Each Snap Circuits kit comes with full-color manuals and color-coded, snap-together parts that make circuit building easy. The manuals have many circuit projects that all feature a color diagram of the circuit, an educational objective, step-by-step assembly instructions, and a description of what the assembled circuit should do. No tools are required for circuit assembly.The snap-on 2-AA battery holders power the circuits; AA batteries are required but not included. The product box suggests that Snap Circuits are appropriate for people ages 8 – 108.

Here are just a few of the projects in the Snap Circuits manuals:

  • Two-Speed Fan
  • Sound Activated Switch
  • Musical Doorbell
  • Water Alarm
  • Motor-Controlled Sounds
  • Playback & Record (Snap Circuits Pro 500-in-1 only)
  • AM and FM radios (Snap Circuits Pro 500-in-1 only)

Of course, you are not just limited to the projects in the manuals; the Snap Circuits’ flexible design leaves room for you to build your own circuits and experiments. You can even draw up your own circuits using the Snap Circuits design file (599k doc) and try submitting it to Elenco’s web site with user-submitted circuits.

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