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20.4:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx50L mm LP 6V

20.4:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx50L mm LP 6V


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These cylindrical brushed DC gearmotors are available in a wide range of gear ratios and with five different motors (two power levels of 6 V motors and three power levels of 12 V motors). The gearmotors all have the same 25 mm diameter case and 4 mm diameter gearbox output shaft, so it is generally easy to swap one version for another if your design requirements change (though the length of the gearbox tends to increase with the gear ratio). Each version is also optionally available with an integrated 48 CPR quadrature encoder.

Details for item #1583

Exact gear ratio: 22×22×22×2312×10×10×10≈20.4:122×22×22×2312×10×10×10≈20.4:1

This gearmotor consists of a low-power, 6 V brushed DC motor combined with a 20.4:1 metal spur gearbox. The gearmotor is cylindrical, with a diameter just under 25 mm, and the D-shaped output shaft is 4 mm in diameter and extends 12.5 mm from the face plate of the gearbox. This gearmotor is also available with an integrated encoder.

Key specifications:

voltage no-load performance stall extrapolation
6 V 290 RPM, 250 mA 2.4 kg⋅cm (33 oz⋅in), 2.4 A

Gearmotor Accessories

The face plate has two mounting holes threaded for M3 screws. You can use custom-designed 25D mm metal gearmotor bracket (shown in the picture below) to mount the gearmotor to your project via these mounting holes and the screws that come with the bracket.

Pololu 25D mm metal gearmotor bracket pair.

Pololu 25D mm gearmotor with bracket.

The 4 mm diameter gearbox output shaft works with Pololu multi-hub wheels as shown in the left picture below. That shaft also works with the Pololu universal aluminum mounting hub for 4mm shafts, which can be used to mount our larger Pololu wheels (60mm-, 70mm-, 80mm-, and 90mm-diameter) or custom wheels and mechanisms to the gearmotor’s output shaft as shown in the right picture below.

Pololu 80×10mm multi-hub wheel on a Pololu 25D mm metal gearmotor with encoder.

Pololu 60×8mm wheel with 4mm hub adapter on Pololu 25D mm metal gearmotor with encoder.


The diagram below shows the dimensions of the 25D mm line of gearmotors (units are mm over [inches]).

Dimensions of the Pololu 25D mm metal gearmotors. Units are mm over [inches].


Size: 25D x 50L mm1
Shaft diameter: 4 mm

General specifications

Gear ratio: 20.4:1
No-load speed @ 6V: 290 rpm
No-load current @ 6V: 250 mA2
Stall current @ 6V: 2400 mA
Stall torque @ 6V: 33 oz·in
Motor type: 2.4A stall @ 6V (LP 6V)
Encoders?: N


1. Length measurement is from gearbox face plate to back of motor (it does not include the output shaft or motor terminals). See dimension diagram for details.

2. Maximum.

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