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Pmod VGA: Video Graphics Array

Pmod VGA: Video Graphics Array


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The Pmod VGA provides a VGA port to any board with Pmod connectivity. The VGA port can be used to drive standard displays such as televisions and monitors. The host board must be capable of driving a fast parallel data bus in order to properly drive a display with the Pmod VGA.


The Pmod VGA is also featured in a fantastic product bundle, the Arty S7 Pmod Pack! This bundle was designed to expand project possibilities by utilizing a variety of peripheral modules perfectly suited for the Arty S7 FPGA


  • Standard VGA port for connecting commonly found displays

  • 12-bit RGB444 color depth

  • Simple, high-speed R-2R resistor ladder DAC

  • High-speed buffers support pixel clocks up to 150 MHZ

  • Small PCB size for flexible designs 1.7“ × 1.7” (4.3 cm × 4.3 cm)

  • Dual 12-pin Pmod connector with GPIO interface

  • Follows Digilent Pmod Interface Specification

  • Library and example code available in resource center

What's Included

  • Pmod VGA
  • Custom antistatic Pmod packaging

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