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Pmod IOXP: I/O Expansion Module

Pmod IOXP: I/O Expansion Module


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The Pmod IOXP is an I/O expansion module powered by the Analog Devices ADP5589. By communicating with the chip through I2C, users can take advantage of up to 19 additional I/O pins as well as a keypad matrix decoder.


  • Communicates via the I2C interface

  • 16-element FIFO for event recording

  • 19 configurable I/Os

  • Built in keypad decoding for matrices up to 11x8

  • PWM generator

  • Open-drain interrupt output

  • Dual Programmable logic blocks

  • Debouncing on IOs

What's Included:

  • Pmod IOXP

  • Custom antistatic Pmod packaging

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