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Pmod HAT Adapter: Pmod Expansion for Raspberry Pi

Pmod HAT Adapter: Pmod Expansion for Raspberry Pi


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The Pmod HAT Adapter makes it easy to connect Pmods to a Raspberry Pi. It supports plug-and-play functionality, only requiring that the host Raspberry Pi is booted with the Pmod HAT attached. The Pmod HAT has three 2×6 Pmod ports and provides access to additional I/O available via the Raspberry Pi 40-pin GPIO connector. Designed in collaboration with RS Components, users can take advantage of example Python libraries and demo tutorials hosted on DesignSpark. See the Software Support section of the Resource Center for more information.


  • Provides access to full line of Digilent Pmod™ peripheral modules.

  • Enables use of up to three Pmods at a time.

  • Supports SPI, UART, I2C, and GPIO connections.

  • Optionally powered through a 5V barrel jack.

  • Follows Raspberry Pi HAT specification. See the Raspberry Pi HAT Introduction for more details.

Compatible Boards:

The Pmod HAT Adapter is compatible with all Raspberry Pi boards that use the 40-pin GPIO connector:

  • Raspberry Pi Model A+

  • Raspberry Pi Model B+

  • Raspberry Pi 2 B

  • Raspberry Pi 3 B

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W

  • Raspberry Pi Zero

What's Included:

  • Pmod HAT Adapter
  • Custom antistatic Pmod packaging

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