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NI myRIO Mechatronics Accessory Kit

NI myRIO Mechatronics Accessory Kit


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The NI myRIO Mechatronics Accessory Kit includes a variety of commonly used motors, sensors, and components. These products are also available for separate purchase.

Kit contents:

  • PmodACL (410-097): 3-axis accelerometer
  • PmodALS (410-286): Ambient light sensor
  • PmodCMPS (410-285): 3-axis digital compass
  • PmodGYRO (410-215): 3-axis digital gyroscope
  • PmodHB5 (410-106): H-bridge driver with feedback inputs
  • PmodMAXSONAR (240-071): Maxbotix ultrasonic range finder
  • Infrared proximity sensor (240-037): 10 cm to 80 cm
  • GWS Servo (290-010): S03TXF STD
  • GWS Servo (290-023): Continuous rotation S35 STD
  • DC motor/gearbox 1:19 (290-006): Custom 12V motor designed for Digilent robot kits
  • Motor Adapter for NI myRIO (6002-410-011): Compatible with gear motors and servos
  • Pmod Cable kit: 6", 6-pin Pmod cable
  • Pmod Cable Kit: 6", 12-pin Pmod cable
  • MTE Cable (250-061): 4-pin to 2x2-pin MTE cable
  • 6-pin Headers (240-004): 6-pin header and gender changer (5-pack)
  • 2x6-pin Headers (240-062): 2x6-pin header (5-pack)
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