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mikroBoard for ARM 144-pin

mikroBoard for ARM 144-pin


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The board features the LPC2214 microcontroller, flash module, USB connector, microSD connector, JTAG connector, USB UART, voltage regulator and connectors that enable connection with the development system.

LPC2214 is connected to on board modules via pins which are also connected to CN1 and CN2 connectors. These two connectors enable the board to be connected to the EasyARM v6 development system or some other device.


Architecture ARM (32-bit)
MCU speed 60MHz
MCU Memory 256 KB of Flash, 16 KB of SRAM
Programming Via external JTAG programmer or USB-UART bootloader
Expandability Two 2x60 female connectors
Input Voltage 5V (via USB)
Compatibility UNI-DS6
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