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MMC Ready Board

MMC Ready Board


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The MMC Ready Board is a full-featured development tool for MultiMedia(MMC) and Secure Digital(SD) Memory cards. This board offers everything you need to create your own mass storage device based on PIC microcontrollers. It features a powerful PIC18F252 device that is capable of handling demanding embedded mass storage applications. This microcontroller is programmed via a 2x5 connector that enables connection with the PICFlash programmer. The board also includes a voltage regulator, so that you don't have to connect additional power supply circuits. The board can be connected to external electronic or other devices via a 2.54mm pin header.


Applications MMC/SD Ready Card Board can easily become your fast data acquisition device. Because it has microcontroller on board, it can work as an independent device
Architecture PIC (8-bit)
On-board modules PIC18F252
Key Features On-board voltage regulation. The board comes with the PIC18F252 microcontroller
Key Benefits This tool enables you to easily build your MMC/SD based device
Input Voltage 3.3V or 5V

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