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Hexiwear Battery Pack

Hexiwear Battery Pack


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Hexiwear Battery Pack will keep your favorite IoT development kit charged. You can add any functionality with the onboard mikroBUS™ socket. Add sensors, transceivers, speech recognition modules and more. No more cables and worrying if the battery on it will last the day.

The battery holders on the back of the board require four standard AAA batteries and your job is done – it really is as simple as that.

Add functionality to your Hexiwear

This battery powered expansion board allows you add all sorts of functions to Hexiwear. WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, additional buttons or displays, sensors, etc.

The board is large enough to hold Hexiwear and a click board™, but small enough for it to fit in your pocket. The perfect size for a portable device.

Take a look at our click board™ range and start your Hexiwear journey from there.

Hang it up on a wall

Take a look at the board itself - it has a small notch in the upper corner, so you can hang it on your wall. Add a sensor click board™ like Air quality click and you could know all the information about the indoor air quality of your living space.

Power management

The Power Save jumper onboard is enabled by default - this features dramatically reduces the power consumption because the battery power is only used if a click board and Hexiwear are connected to it.

Key features

  • mikroBUS™ socket
  • ON/OFF switch
  • AAA Battery holders

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