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Riverdi Display 4.3" Res

Riverdi Display 4.3" Res


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The 480x272px screen is driven by an FT800 graphic controller which is supported in Visual TFT, the GUI design tool for rapid development of user interfaces.

Resistive touchscreens have a higher resistance to dust and water compared to capacitive screens. They can also be used with a gloved finger. Those two features make them a better option for applications where a more robust user interface is required.

The connector uses an I2C/SPI interface. To use it with various MikroElektronika hardware, a Riverdi click adapter board is available (interface between the connector on the display and a mikroBUS™ socket).


Display size 4.3"
Resolution 480x272px
Graphic controller FT800
Brightness 480
Touch Screen Resistive
Interface I2C or SPI
Integration Mounting frame
Input Voltage 3.3V

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