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Color 3 click

Color 3 click


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TCS3771 is a RGBC sensor: it can detect Red, Green, Blue and clear light. The IC performs well under a variety of lighting conditions. For example, it can be covered with different attenuation materials.

As a proximity sensor it has a large dynamic range of operation. It can take short distance measurements behind dark glass; or it can be configured for longer distance measurement, for example, human presence detection in front of monitors or laptops.

For power-saving, TCS3771 has an internal state machine that can put the device into a low power mode between successive RGBC and proximity measurements.

TCS3771 is also fast enough to give off proximity information at a high rate of repetition. This makes it useful for proximity detection in portable devices (such as a phone coming near to a speaker’s ear).

Color 3 click communicates with the target MCU through the mikroBUS™ I2C interface, with additional functionality provided by an INT pin. Designed to use a 3.3 power supply only.


Type Optical
Applications RGBC color sensing and proximity sensing (suitable for portable devices)
On-board modules TCS3771 color sensor, Infrared LED
Key Features RGBC color sensing and proximity detectio
Key Benefits Power-saving options, Fast operation (suitable for proximity detection in portable devices), Proximity detection for short or longer ranges
Interface GPIO,I2C
Input Voltage 3.3V
Compatibility mikroBUS
Click board size S (28.6 x 25.4 mm)


The following code snippet shows how to send temperature readings from Color 3 click to a TFT display.

 1 void main()
2 {
3 //Local Declarations
4 uint8_t _i2c_address = 0x29;
5 color_t my_color;
7 // GPIOs
8 GPIO_Digital_Input( &GPIOD_BASE, _GPIO_PINMASK_10 );
9 Delay_ms(300);
11 // I2C
12 I2C1_Init_Advanced( 100000, &_GPIO_MODULE_I2C1_PB67 );
13 Delay_ms(300);
15 //Color 3
16 color_3_init( _i2c_address );
17 Delay_ms(300);
19 color_3_get_rgb_data( &my_color );
21 while(1)
22 {
24 }
25 }

Code examples that demonstrate the usage of Color 3 click with MikroElektronika hardware, written for mikroC for ARM, AVR, dsPIC, FT90x, PIC and PIC32 are available on Libstock

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