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mikroLAB for STM32

mikroLAB for STM32


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mikroLab for STM32 is a complete solution for developers who want to exploit what ST's STM32 MCUs have to offer. The kit contains an EasyMx PRO v7 for STM32 board, a mikroC for ARM compiler license, additional accessories, and a free license for Visual TFT (valued at $99).

About STM32

32-bit ARM® Cortex®-based STM32 MCUs are powerful devices that combine high performance, real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, and low-power and low-voltage operation.

All that power, however, comes at a price. The amount of documentation that accompanies these advanced MCUs can be daunting. Luckily, mikroLab for STM32 circumvents these concerns – mikroC for ARM is a compiler focused on the user, it provides more than 500 function libraries and many built-in utilities that increase usability and productivity, without sacrificing freedom and control.


Architecture ARM (32-bit)


  • EasyMx PRO v7 for STM32 development board
  • mikroC, mikroBasic or mikroPascal for ARM (installation on USB flash + license activation card)
  • FREE BONUS: Visual TFT (installation on USB flash + license activation card)
  • EasyPROTO board
  • SmartPROTO board
  • EasyTEST board
  • Proto click
  • Graphic LCD 128x64 with TouchPanel
  • Plastic Pen for TouchPanel
  • DS1820 Temperature Sensor
  • Wire Jumpers Female to Female (15cm length, 10pcs)
  • Wire Jumpers Male to Male (15cm length, 10pcs)
  • Wire Jumpers Female to Male (15cm length, 10pcs)
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