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mikroLAB for AVR L

mikroLAB for AVR L


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mikroLab for AVR L is the go-to development solution for 64 and 100 pin AVR microcontrollers. The kit carries a BIGAVR6 board, a mikroC for AVR compiler license, an assortment of accessories, as well as a free license for Visual GLCD (valued at $99).

About AVR

AVR was invented by two Norwegian students, Alf-Egil Bogen and Vegard Wollan. Their intention was to create an architecture that could efficiently execute programs written in C. Atmel acquired the IP and hired the students, introducing first AVR MCUs in 1997 to a great success. By 2003, they already shipped 500 million units. Today it’s a well known and widely spread architecture, whose popularity is in no small measure boosted by the existence of Arduino.

To maximise the development potential of high pin-count AVR MCUs, however, you’ll want a development environment with vast connectivity options, and a complementing compiler that includes more than 100 function libraries. That’s exactly what you get with mikroLab for AVR L.


Architecture AVR (8-bit)


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