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mikroLAB for dsPIC XL

mikroLAB for dsPIC XL


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Choose the language that suits you:

mikroC is the most popular choice, and you'll be able to find a lot of free code and tutorials – as well as freelance opportunities — that use or ask for mikroC.

mikroBasic is the best choice for beginners because of the simple syntax and clear code.

mikroPascal encapsulates strong data types, very nice syntax, and has probably the best balance between simplicity and control.

About dsPIC33/PIC24

16-bit PICs lie in the middle-ground, providing an easy way to upgrade from 8-bit PICs, but a 32. The diverse MCU offering includes eXtreme Low Power MCUs and high performance digital signal controllers.


Architecture dsPIC/PIC24 (16-bit)


  • EasyPIC Fusion v7
  • EasyPIC for dsPIC30 v7 development board
  • MCU card with dsPIC33EP512MU810
  • MCU card with PIC24EP512GU810
  • mikroC or mikroBasic or mikroPascal for dsPIC (installation on USB flash + license activation card)
  • FREE BONUS:Visual TFT (installation on USB flash + license activation card)
  • EasyPROTO board
  • SmartPROTO board
  • EasyTEST board
  • Proto click
  • Character LCD 2x16 with blue backlight
  • Graphic LCD 128x64 with TouchPanel
  • Plastic Pen for TouchPanel
  • DS1820 Temperature Sensor
  • Wire Jumpers Female to Female (15cm length, 10pcs)
  • Wire Jumpers Male to Male (15cm length, 10pcs)
  • Wire Jumpers Female to Male (15cm length, 10pcs)
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