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Flip&Click SAM3X Arduino

Flip&Click SAM3X Arduino


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Flip&Click SAM3X

Flip&Click SAM3X is a two-sided development board with a split personality. It can be used as a 32-bit Arduino Due powered by ARM Cortex™-M3 AT91SAM3X8E microcontroller, but it can also run Python. In either case, it’s a beginner-friendly rapid prototyping tool expandable with up to four click boards (out of hundreds available).

flip and click

Using Flip&Click SAM3X with Arduino IDE

flip and click

  • 1) Plug in Flip&Click SAM3X (use the USB port next to the power socket).
  • 2) Launch Arduino IDE (Flip&Click SAM3X is recognized as Arduino Due)
  • 3) Start writing Arduino sketches.

Using Flip&Click SAM3X with Python

  • 1) Start Zerynth Studio
  • 2) Plug in Flip&Click SAM3X
  • 3) Select MikroElektronika Flip & click from available boards
  • 4) Click install virtual machine
  • 5) Start writing Python scripts.

flip and click

Flip&Click SAM3X projects / Resources

Creating sketches or scripts is easy with Flip&Click SAM3X. Our developers sometimes do it as a break from regular work. Here are some projects we have done so far. Click on the one you like to see the code on GitHub

Master Chef Demo

Breathalyzer Demo

Weather Station Demo

Flip and Click User Manual

Arduino IDE

Zerynth Studio

Tech Support

Flip&Click SAM3X is Arduino's cousin, but it's not affiliated with Arduino LLC. For any questions or tech support you might need, your go-to source of wisdom is the MikroElektronika Helpdesk. We are happy to help. All we ask in return is that you have fun with your Flip&Click SAM3X.

What others are saying

"This board is too flippin’ cool!" – Atmel Bits & Pieces blog

"Instead of a boring ATmega328 and unusable fixing holes, MikroElektronika provides Flip&Click with Atmel ATSAM3X8E Cortex™-M3 core and a multiple of ports and interfaces" - Make Magazine, German edition

"Flip&Click: best of two worlds" –


Applications Beginner-friendly rapid prototyping tool expandable with up to four click boards
Architecture ARM (32-bit)
MCU speed 84MHz
MCU Memory 512KB of Flash, 100KB of SRAM
Programming Via Arduino Bootloader
Expandability 4 x mikroBUS sockets, 1 x Arduino UNO socket
Integration Mounting Holes

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