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Shake2Wake click

Shake2Wake click


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Shake2Wake click carries na ADXL362 ultralow power, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer from Analog Devices. The distinguishing feature of this IC is that it incorporates several activity detection modes. The interrupt pins from the chip are connected to an onboard ADP195 power switch IC that in turn controls an external device connected through a screw terminal. The detection threshold is configurable (both intensity and duration). The duration of inactivity that leads to switching off is also programmable. Shake2Wake click can also be used as a regular accelerometer, for continuous sensing, in which case it communicates with the target MCU through mikroBUS SPI interface. Uses 3.3V power supply only.


Type Motion
Applications Ideal for designing accelerometer-based motion activated devices
On-board modules ADXL362 ultralow power, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer from Analog Devices
Key Features ADP195 power switch IC
Key Benefits Can also be used both as a a regular accelerometer. Low power consuption in “wake-up” mode
Interface GPIO,SPI
Input Voltage 3.3V
Compatibility mikroBUS
Click board size S (28.6 x 25.4 mm)

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