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EasyFT90x v7

EasyFT90x v7


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FT90x V7 Development System

Powerful on-board mikroProg™ programmer and hardware debugger can program and debug all FT90x devices from FTDI Chip. This is the first "Easy" board to incorporate a CMOS image sensors, taking advantage of the camera interface of FT90x MCUs. The board also boasts a multitude of other multimedia features.

easyft90x board

mikroProg™ with debugger on Board

mikroProg™ is a fast USB 2.0 programmer with debugger. It supports every FT90x microcontroller from FTDI Chip®. Outstanding performance and easy operation are among its top features.

mikroprog for ft90x

Debugger feature enables you to execute your program on the host microcontroller and view variable values, Special Function Registers (SFR), RAM, CODE along with the code execution on hardware. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this powerful tool with convenient set of commands will enable you to track down bugs quickly. mikroProg™ debugger is one of the fastest, and most reliable debugging tools on the market.

MCU card

The FT900 MCU cards is included in the package with EasyFT90x. It's also sold separately, if you'd like a spare one to integrate into your own hardware or for any other reason. More cards will be added as the FTDI starts expanding the FT90x line.

easyft90x v7 mcu card fronteasyft90x v7 mcu card back


Ethernet on-board

ethernet on-board

Ethernet on-board. Board is equipped with Ethernet connector and two signal LEDs which enable you to utilize ethernet feature of FT90x microcontrollers.

Embedded Camera

embedded camera

This is the first "Easy" board to incorporate a CMOS image sensors, taking advantage of the camera interface of FT90x MCUs. Boasts of a multitude of other multimedia features.

Touch Screen

touch screen

320x240 TFT Color Display with Touch Panel can display vivid and clear color images or advanced graphic content.



With piezo buzzer you can debug your applications, or have audio signalization feature. It can be connected to two digital output pins, one of which is the output of PWM module.

Temp sensors

temp sensor

The LM35 is a low-cost precision integrated-circuit analog temperature sensor. It can measure temeperatures from -55C to +150C with 0.25C accuracy at room temperatures. Board supports Dallas DS1820 One-Wire digital temperature sensor.


temp sensor

USB Device Connector is used for connecting the board with other devices such as a PC using fast USB 2.0 communication.



microSD Card slot allows you to store large ammounts of data externally on microSD card using fast SPI communications.



Audio connectors enable you to connect headphones and a microphone with the audio codec chip and use it in your applications.

mikroBUS™ sockets


With two mikroBUS™ sockets you can add dozens of new functionalities to your board with minimum hardware adjustments. The collection of mikroBUS™ compatible click boards is growing rapidly, and we have designed them with great care, so you don’t have to make any complicated settings. Just plug your board in, and you are good to go.

Package Contains

  • Damage resistant protective box
  • EasyFT90x v7 board in antistatic bag
  • USB cable
  • User Manual and Board Schematic

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