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OAK-D Pro W Dev

OAK-D Pro W Dev


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Important technical note:

Note! This product is for development purposes and has to be hand calibrated. Please see the documentation for more information.

  1. The optics on these early development models have no filtering and are "wide open" in terms of spectral response - meaning they let in all visible light and all IR light.
  2. Production versions will have a filter that lets in visible light, and a narrow notch around the IR laser dot projector and IR LED wavelength, both of which are 940nm.
  3. So this version will (a) appear to have "dim" IR laser and IR LED illumination - as these absorb much ambient IR, which will overwhelm the IR laser and LED and (b) will have inferior optical performance as a result of the ultra-wide spectral input into the image sensor. The final production version will address both of these with the filtering described in `2` above.
  4. Nonetheless, these optics give an idea of the field of view, depth, etc. It is simply likely that the IR illumination, active stereo depth, and passive depth will all perform better in the final production version in the presence of the filtering described in `2`.

If you are looking for a factory-calibrated device, please see OAK-D-Pro W.

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