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Camera module with 32MP attachable via flexible flat cable to any of the OAK-FFC 3P and OAK-FFC 4P base boards, perfectly suited for quick prototyping.

  • Sensor: IMX582
  • Type: Rolling Shutter
  • DFOV / HFOV / VFOV: 71° / 45° / 55°
  • Resolution: 32MP (5312x6000)
  • Focus: Auto-Focus: 20cm - ∞
  • Max Framerate: 42 FPS
  • F-number: 1.8
  • Lens size: 1/2 inch
  1. Product Documentation

The below photo was captured with 32MP, See the full-resolution photos here.
In the full-resolution photo, you can clearly see the car's plates parked 70 m (230 feet) away from the camera.
Due to the current limitation of raw image processing, the original 8000x6000 px sensor image was center cropped to 5312x6000 px.

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