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LabVIEW Interaction Parts Kit

LabVIEW Interaction Parts Kit


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This kit contains all the parts you need to interface with the outside world using your LabVIEW-connected device!

What's Included

  • LabVIEW custom cardboard box with protective foam
  • 9x 240 ohm resistors 1/4W, 5%
  • 2x 10K ohm resistors 1/4W, 5%
  • 1x 1.0M ohm resistor 1/4W, 5%
  • 1x 10K ohm potentiometer with thumbwheel
  • 2x 20K-30K ohm photoresistor, 150V, 100W
  • 1x 100 µF electrolytic capacitor
  • 1x WS2812 Addressable LED: 1M Waterproof Strip
  • 4x 5mm green diffused LEDs
  • 1x 5mm red diffused LED
  • 1x IR LED
  • 1x Phototransistor
  • 1x Temperature and humidity sensor
  • 1x Piezo buzzer/beeper
  • 1x 8x8 Dot matrix display
  • 1x 4-digit 7-segment display
  • 1x Piezo sensor
  • 1x Round force-sensing resistor
  • 2x Momentary pushbuttons
  • 1x Slide switch, 2.5mm spaced pins
  • 1x Microphone
  • 1x Low voltage temperature sensor
  • 1x tilt sensor
  • 1x Hall effect sensor
  • 1x Tower Pro hobby servo motor + servo horns and screws
  • 1x Wire kit, 70 pieces
  • 1x 270 tie point breadboard with terminal strip
  • Strip of 5 breakaway male headers

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