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Impedance Analyzer for Analog Discovery

Impedance Analyzer for Analog Discovery


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The Impedance Analyzer for Analog Discovery was designed with automatically adjusting reference resistors and relays to aid in use of the Impedance Analyzer tool in WaveForms. With the Impedance Analyzer accessory, the Analog Discovery will automatically select the most appropriate configuration for the attached unknown impedance. The Impedance Analyzer is loaded with the 2×15 Analog Discovery connector, which makes it compatible with Analog Discovery 2 as well as Analog Discovery Legacy.


  • 2-wire Impedance Analyzer integrates with the Impedance Analyzer tool in WaveForms
  • 50pF - 500µF Capacitance Measurement Range
  • 10µH - 1000mH Inductance Measurement Range
  • 1Hz - 15MHz Excitation Frequency Range

Note: Use of this adapter requires WaveForms version 3.8.2 or later.

What's Included:

  • Analog Discovery Impedance Analyzer
  • Custom Anti-Static Packaging

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