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High Speed Logic Probes

High Speed Logic Probes


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The High Speed Logic Probes come in a pack of four twisted cables. Each cable has a GND (black) wire twisted to a DIN_USR (colored) wire. The wire connects to the High Speed Adapter via a 2-pin female header, and two 1-pin female connectors to the device under test. A 100Ω resistor is embedded in the signal wire on the end closest to the device under test. All GND wires should be connected to ground of the device under test.


  • Ships in a pack of four.
  • Provides sample rates of up to 800MS/s on the Digital Discovery.
  • GND (black) wire twisted to a DIN_USR (colored)
  • Connects to the High Speed Adapter via 2-pin female header
  • Connects to the device being tested via two 1-pin female connectors
  • Embedded 100Ω resistor in the signal wire

What's Included:

Four High Speed Logic cables (twisted)

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