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OpenRB-150 Starter Kit

OpenRB-150 Starter Kit


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* OpenRB-150 Starter Kit is a product consisting of OpenRB-150 and XL330-M288-T.

* Batteries, USB Cables, and Power Cables are not included.


Has the same pinout and form factor as the Arduino MKR, and supports programming using the Arduino IDE.

Compact and lightweight DYNAMIXEL.

Supports RC protocol & 6 control modes including Current Control and Current Based Position Control

Package Components
Product Name  Quantity Product Description
OpenRB-150 1 DYNAMIXEL Controller
XL330-M288-T 1                              DYNAMIXEL
Robot Cable-X3P 180mm TTL 3P cable (JST-JST)
PHS M2x6 TAP 6 Bolts for Horn 
PHS M2x8 TAP 10 Bolts for Frame Assembly
H/W Specifications


MCU SAMD21 Cortex-M0+ 32bit low power ARM®
Operation Voltage

5.0V (USB 3.0)

3.7V ~ 12.6V (VIN or Terminal)

Operation Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
Allowable Current 3.0A (DYNAMIXEL Port)
Connector Type USB C-Type, Terminal Block
Dynamixel Port(TTL) JST B3B-EH-A(2), JST S3B-EH-A(2) [Max 1Mbps]
Dimentions 66 x 25 mm
Weight 13g


MCU Cortex-M0+ (64 [MHz], 32bit)
Input Voltage Min. [V] 3.7
Recommended [V] 5.0
Max. [V] 6.0
Performance Characteristics Voltage [V] 5.0
Stall Torque [N·m] 0.52
Stall Current [A] 1.5
No Load Speed [rpm] 104.0
No Load Current [A] 0.15
Continuous Operation Voltage [V] -
Torque [N·m] -
Speed [rpm] -
Current [A] -
Resolution Resolution [deg/pulse] 0.0879
Step [pulse/rev] 4
Angle [degree] 360
Position Sensor Contactless absolute encoder (12Bit, 360 [deg])
Maker : ams(, Part No : AS5601
Operating Temperature Min. [°C] -5
Max. [°C] 60
Motor Cored
Baud Rate Min. [bps] 9,600
Max. [bps] 4,000,000
Control Algorithm PID
Gear Type Spur
Gear Material Engineering Plastic
Case Material Engineering Plastic
Dimensions (WⅹHⅹD) [mm] 20 X 34 X 26
Dimensions (WⅹHⅹD) [inch] 0.78 X 1.33 X 1.02
Weight [g] 18.00
Weight [oz] 0.63
Gear Ratio 288.4 : 1
Command Signal Digital Packet
Protocol Type Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication (8bit, 1stop, No Parity)
Link (Physical) TTL Level Multi Drop Bus
ID 0 ~ 252
Feedback Position, Velocity, Current, Realtime tick, Trajectory, Temperature, Input Voltage, etc
Protocol Type Protocol 2.0
Experimental S.BUS
Experimental iBUS
Operating Mode / Angle Current Control mode:Endless turn
Velocity Control mode:Endless turn
Position Control Mode:360 [deg
Extended Position Control Mode:±256 [rev]
Current-based Position Control Mode:±256 [rev]
PWM Control Mode:Endless turn
Output [W] -
Standby Current [mA] 15
How to Supply Power (3 Methods)

Power can be supplied to the OpenRB-150 in three ways depending on the voltage and serial communication type of DYNAMIXEL.





Compatible DYNAMIXEL

The OpenRB-150 is compatible with all DYNAMIXEL models.

However, additional equipment is required for use with the following types of DYNAMIXEL.


1. RS-485
The DYNAMIXEL Communication Bridge is required to convert signals. 


2. 24V

A separate power supply is required.


3. DYNAMIXEL-AX and MX Series (Molex connectors)

A Molex-JST convertible cable is required.


1. The Arduino MKR board is not included in the package.

2. When supplying power, please check the jumper settings. (USB C Type, VIN, Terminal VIN)

3. Please do not charge the battery when it is connected to the controller.

4. Please check the power input terminal before connecting it to the controller.

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