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30-Pin Flywire Labels for the Analog Discovery 2

30-Pin Flywire Labels for the Analog Discovery 2


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This sticker sheet provides 30 plastic labels for the 30 pins on the Analog Discovery 2 flywires. We've heard from our users that it can be tedious to find the correct wire out of the 30 color-coded flywires each time they need to be used. Especially in the case that color isn't a useful identifier. Take the label off the sticker sheet, and apply it to the correct wire. No more searching through 30 wires for the correct one. Look for the flag and you're done!


  • Durable Plastic Coated Stickers

  • 30 Labels Corresponding to the 30 Analog Discovery 2 Pins
  • Pin Labels Correspond to the Analog Discovery 2 pinout diagram

What's Included:

One sheet of sticker labels for the Analog Discovery 2 30-pin flywire

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