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mangOH Yellow
mangOH Yellow Build low-power IoT applications that can run for 10 years on a battery with the newest and smallest mangOH platform for sending edge data to the cloud Compact form-factor you could build on, test, or even take any IoT application to market including small tracking devices A snap-in socket to add any CF3©-compatible modules, including wireless modules (2G to 4G & LTE-M/NB-IoT, GPS) to achieve up to 10 years of battery life; An IoT Expansion Card slot to plug in any technology based on the IoT Expansion Card open standard Built-in Wi-Fi b/g/n and Bluetooth 5.0 BLE , Bluetooth Mesh, NFC tag Built-in antennas for cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC Built-in Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Pressure, Humidity, Acoustic mic, Air Index quality, temperature, and Light sensors Battery charger and battery gauge Multiple LEDs , buzzer and touch button 15 pin IO expansion connector, SD card, 2-way audio connector Battery charger and battery gauge Cloud and connectivity provided for Octave ( 3 months subscription included) 3D-printable case designs available mangOH® Yellow Highlights Hardware Includes a cellular modem for wirelessly connecting your IoT applications over a mobile network Powerful ARM-based application processor with GNSS receiver Built-in sensors including Accelerometer, and Gyroscope Can be powered by a battery for low-power wireless applications Software Pre-integrated with the open source Legato Linux platform for application-level development Robust connectivity APIs lets you access cloud and network services such as voice calls, SMS, data, radio controls Maintained Linux distribution based on the long-term supported Linux kernel (LTSI) hosted by the Linux Foundation Cloud and Connectivity Services 100 MB of data with Sierra Wireless Smart SIM Device and SIM management provided through AirVantage Octave platform from Sierra Wireless (3 months subscription included) Connect to your cloud infrastructure Documentation mangOH Yellow Overview mangOH Yellow Datasheet