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(1.5 inch) 38mm Double Aluminum Omni Wheel


Product ID: Nexus-14166
MPN: 14166
Product information "(1.5 inch) 38mm Double Aluminum Omni Wheel"


The (1.5 inch) 38mm double aluminum omni wheel is the smallest omni-directional wheel in all of our aluminum omni wheels. It is unique as they are able to roll freely in two directions. And this 38mm omni wheel has 8 rollers which is PU coated. Its rollers are more durable, robust and flexible to provide the wheel 360 degree movement easily. The(1.5 inch) 38mm omni wheel can load capacity for it aluminum plates. This 38mm omni wheel apply to the small robot cars , robot platforms, small toys and so on.

Key Features:

  • Diameter: 38mm
  • Axial width: 4mm
  • Number of plate: 2
  • Number of roller: 8
  • Body material: Aluminum alloy
  • Roller material: PU
  • Load capacity: 2 kg


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